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RFID in Fixed Asset Management

RFID in Fixed Asset Management

From the outstanding realm of technology the Radio Frequency Identification technology has taken over the world with its computerised recognition structure. It has gained momentum in few years and has made itself the first choice among the company who look to it as the primary means for the advance data management process while comparing to the earlier data capture technologies that was done by the barcode. The working of RFID tags works by uniquely identifying a person or a particular object and in more easier way and when used with a superior brands and high powered batteries this could work to a long range as well.

They are basically not a cost effective or an alternative for the easier asset management but they are more an accurate method dealing with fixed asset tagging, It has also made controlling progressive asset inventory easier, even remotely. The labels are an important part of the process. The reader scans these labels to process the information, and it creates an organized database, thus making tracking and management easier.

Broader Value of RFID in Fixed Asset Management   


RFID makes tracking and management of Fixed Assets a lot easier. Their depreciation, disposal, purchase, etc. records can also be linked to the asset, and thus we can create a database that is easier to monitor and maintain. Also, this eliminates the need for maintaining physical records.

They can be used in applications where barcode has its limitations. They can be handy in reading multiple labels simultaneously, saving time, money, and resources. Information can be updated and accessed very easily and quickly, boosting productivity, and easing the process of asset management.


1. Asset Search Feature: Asset tags detail is updated in real-time in the reader, which allows to track and locate specific assets.

2. Efficient & Automatic Reading: RFID tags can be read at a faster rate than barcodes, approximately 40 RFID tags can be read at the same time.

3. Secure: RFID contains a high level of security, data can be encrypted and password-protected.

4. Fast & Time Saving: Using RFID Technology can speed audit time, allowing center staff to focus on higher priority tasks.

5. Improved Asset Utilization: With more accurate inventory information, asset utilization is improved and unnecessary capital expenditure is cut, which can now be used as an investment in other projects.

6. Line of Sight (LOS) Not Required: A line of sight is generally not required for RFID Reader to read a tag unlike a Barcode (ID or RD).

7. Duplicacy is not Possible: Duplicate reading at the reader level exists when the tagged assets are scanned by more than one reader, which is eliminated.

8. Information Rich: The tag contains electronically stores information of several kilobytes.


RFID Enablers – Effective Implementation of Fixed Asset Management


1. RFID Tag Selection: Select RFID tags for asset tagging basis following parameters:

  • Read range requirements 
  • Material to be tagged
  • Data rate & Speed
  • Cost factor 
  • Type of application 
  • Environmental Condition (metal, liquids)


2. Architecture Design & Hardware Selection: Based on RFID Tags selected , design architecture and select hardware


2.1 Design RFID architecture

  • Placement of RFID fixed reader and antennas.
  • Placement of host computer 


2.2 Basis architecture we will select

  • RFID Printer 
  • RFID Fixed reader and antennas
  • RFID handheld reader


3. RFID Tag EPC ID Coding: All RFID Inlays/labels EPC ID will be converted to SAP unique asset code using an encoder for metal RFID tags and RFID printer for label tags. 


  • EPC ID: F&F/CHAIR/001 
  • TID : E2 003 412 0614 1411 0073 4886
  • Reserved: Additional info about the asset will be added
  • User Memory: Lock/Unlock password to change EPIC ID or Reserved


Services We Provide:

We provide end-to-end 360-degree solutions for Fixed Asset Management and our services include:



FAR Compliance (Creation/Audit) & Certification •RFID/Geo Tagging of fixed asset • Physical verification of assets (Barcode/RFID ) • Asset Tagging guideline (including asset image) • Design Asset Coding structure basis company requirement



RFID FAR Application with integration feature with existing ERP/SAP/Oracle • RFID Hand held reader •RFID Fixed readers • RFID Printers and Encoders • RFID labels 



Inventory management •Trolley Tracking • Logistic Automation System •File Management System• Production Management


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